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A Note on Sliding Scales and Donations

Having taken an active part in the business end of yoga for a couple of years now, I have seen first-hand how easily people get priced out. Yoga and meditation classes, studio memberships, workshops, etc, all of them can be very expensive.  I know there are many people who are completely unable to take part because of cost. There are a lot of factors involved in this that require a good, long look at the business of yoga, but that’s for another time. For now, let’s talk about Equanimity Unlimited’s way of handling things.


In my coaching, I am trying to actively negotiate the troubled waters of money.  I work on sliding scales and teach donation classes because I want what I do to be accessible to people. That said, I have also done work to be able to bring these offerings. It’s why I still ask for some type of compensation. 


So let’s have an exchange! Let’s talk about pricing that works for you (sliding scale, donation) with respect to the work I've done to offer what I do. I do not list pricing on this site because I want to have a dialogue with clients about what will work. I have suggested sliding scales for each option and am happy to discuss those with people as they inquire. My donation-based classes often have suggested pricing as well and some of them have minimum amounts. There is even a donation button on this blog, for those that feel inclined. Aside from monetary options, I am also happy to work with people in different kinds of trade. It should be noted that I don’t turn people away in donation classes or most online offerings for lack of funds.


The takeaway here is that you shouldn't let pricing stop you from asking about mindfulness coaching or participating in a class. Let’s talk about it.  Money can be a taboo topic in the Western world of yoga. It has been for me for quite some time. How about we let that go a little and have a conversation about fair exchange that is both accessible and respectful? 


As a side note: there is no judgment here about how other coaches/teachers/studios handle this aspect of business. I am still negotiating this process for myself and things may change as time goes on. Rest assured, however, that I am truly passionate about ensuring people have access to the types of things I offer.