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Patreon and the Future of e/u

One year ago, I started this grand adventure called Equanimity Unlimited. I didn't know what would happen or where it would take me. I worked hard to think of ways to engage people and help them to find meditation or other mindfulness practice that could benefit their lives.

To that end, there's been some pretty great stuff. I've gotten to work with amazing people on their journeys. We've had two 30 Day Sit programs. We've had some classes. I even traveled to Kitchener, Ontario to see what it might be like to work with people in a market setting. I've also been lucky enough to partner with Under Aurora and Pinned Community Acupuncture to regularly pair two things I believe in: meditation and acupuncture

All of that said, I keep asking myself: what's next?

Throughout this year, I've been met with a lot of funny looks and the words, "Oh, I can't meditate. I'd love to, but I can't." Meditation classes are a hard sell and I can understand why. It's uncomfortable to not know what to expect. Plus, if you're already convinced you can't do something, then it's going to be pretty impossible for you to do it.  So how can we make it possible?


The three things that have really kept me going on this path have been community, accountability, and the guidance of teachers. So how can those things become more accessible? 

I think I figured it out.

What's next for e/u? We're going to Patreon!


If you haven't heard of Patreon before, you can think of it as a subscription Kickstarter.  In the case of e/u, I'm going to be providing all kinds of things depending on your level of subscription (or reward or patronage, however you'd like to refer to it). You sign up for the level that you want and then you join in on community posts, virtual meditation sessions, individual sessions, and so on. I've tried to break down my mindfulness coaching offerings into levels that make it easy for people.

I believe that Patreon is going to help us come together and learn from each other. With that in mind, I also know not everyone wants a lot of community involvement and that's okay too.  You'll still have the chance to get things like meditation sessions in your living room and regular mindfulness notes sent your way. Your patronage also allows me to spend more time creating new resources for you. I put a goal up that will allow me to start an A/V library just for you, where you'll be able to access classes and talks whenever you want. There's a lot more information on the Patreon page. If you have questions, let me know

If you couldn't tell, I'm really excited about the direction this is headed.  I think that Patreon is going to be a great place for e/u. I hope you'll consider joining me there.