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A Lesson in Making Space


Today, I put the Patreon on hiatus. You can still go and have a peek at the current structure, patron levels, etc., but I don't plan to work with it more until at least the beginning of the year. I'd like to take some time to look at how better to serve people in a manner that is most beneficial.  In the meantime, you can check things out here on the blog, social media, etc. If you're interested in being notified of the Patreon coming back to life, stay tuned to those channels.


It took a lot of deliberation as to how to proceed with the Patreon. I knew I wasn't giving to it what I wanted to, therefore I wasn't seeing the response that I had hoped for.  One thing I think about a lot in my endeavors (e/u included) is how much space I have made around the project. Maybe I haven't left enough space for the Patreon to flourish.  


I know this can be true in a lot of other areas of my life. I wonder why something doesn't happen, but then I realize that there isn't any room. I pack my schedule pretty tightly, so adding something on can be hard. In relation to my acupuncture school studies, I see that I want to be doing better grade-wise, but I haven't built the time for it, haven't made the space. 


This isn't just time and schedule related, though. Sometimes we don't make space in our heart or our expectations. We cling to what we think something needs to look like instead of making the space for it to be whatever it is. It's way easier to have a specific vision of something than to let things flow as they will.  That's not to say you have no control over an outcome or shouldn't work toward something, just that not allowing for different possibilities can be limiting. 


I have seen this a lot in my own life over and over. It's one thing that draws me back to paying attention to the present. In the present moment, I can make space for so much possibility. We can just be here now, with what's happening now. It can be less about expectation and therefore less about the pain we might find in disappointment. Sure, when something doesn't work out how we'd like, it's normal to be disappointed or feel down about it, but we can recognize that each moment brings new possibility and that particular feelings (whatever they are) about the circumstances don't last forever.


The next time you find yourself stuck in some way or maybe clinging too hard to an outcome, make a little space and see what happens.