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Everything starts somewhere.

I began Equanimity Unlimited because I know a thing or two about beginnings.  I keep joking that I am a perpetual beginner.  I've had numerous injuries that have set me back in my yoga practice. I have stopped and started meditation several times throughout my life. I have plenty of examples.  The point is always that I start again.

It's like when you sit in meditation and you find yourself drifting off into the stream of thoughts, no longer focused on your breath. When you find yourself floating down stream, it's important to remember that you can always begin again.  Your breath is there and waiting for you to focus on it.  Just like me with all my setbacks and starts and stops and restarts.

The practices are always there for you, regardless of how many times you leave and come back.  The important part is that you come back. Come back to your breath. Come back to yourself. Begin. Begin again.