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Upcoming Classes and Programs

So many good things are on the horizon, including some new stuff! 


In May, I'm going to be taking on a handful of clients who may need a little extra help getting grounded in their practice.  If you've had a meditation practice prior and have fallen away from it or perhaps have tried again and again to start one, but have struggled, May is your chance to get one-on-one time and support. There will be weekly one-on-one sessions either in-person (if you're local to Columbus) or over the phone/FaceTime. You'll also get unlimited virtual support and regular check-ins. As always, this is by donation, so don't hesitate to get in touch.  Just contact me for more info and get grounded this May!


In June, I'm excited to share the 30 Day Sit program once more. As we normally do, we'll focus on how to start a new practice, establishing the practice habit, and exploring different meditation forms. This time, however, we'll have some added "homework" that gets you outside and takes your practice into the world. This program is really ideal for new meditators, but can also be good for those who have an on-again-off-again practice. Unlike May, this program is a bit less individualized, but I know you'll still find it supportive. More details here: The 30 Day Sit.


Other things coming up: 

Walking meditation classes have begun! Check the Events/Classes page for details.   

I'm also excited to start some other seated classes and perhaps a little experiment in loving-kindness out in the world. Check back for more details! 


As always, if you have a space or a group who you think would benefit from a meditation class, never hesitate to reach out


I hope to spend some time with you in the next couple of months, whether at a class, individually, or as part of the 30 Day Sit. <3

November: Month of Free Good Stuff

Last year for the December holidays, I offered a month of free coaching. It was a great time for people to get more connected to practice during what's often a stressful period.


This year, I'm doing it again but in November. November has its own challenges. It's the beginning of the holidays for many with Thanksgiving. It's a time of transition between fall and winter. The days are getting shorter. The cooler weather is settling in. November is also my birth month. So in thanks for another year on the planet, I am happy to offer a month of free good stuff.


I'll be teaching free walking meditation classes, which you can check out on the Events/Classes page. I'll be doing some free pop-up meditations over on Periscope. I will also take on new coaching clients for free.

What can you expect in a month of mindfulness coaching? If you're new to meditation, we can talk about how to develop that practice in a steady way. We can talk about how to bring mindfulness into areas of your life that you want to explore. You can learn some breath work to help you in different scenarios. Private meditation sessions are an option. Maybe you're going through your own season of transition or struggle and just want mindful support through that time. I am also happy to offer accountability for those that have a hard time keeping up with regular practice. Sessions can be virtual or in person. There are a lot of possibilities here, so if you are interested send me a message and we can talk it out.


If you're interested in the free coaching, please make sure to reach out before November 1st! I'm excited to hear from you!



*Unfortunately, spots are limited for free coaching in November due to time constraints. Never fear! My services all run on sliding scales and I do my best not to turn anyone away for lack of funds. Let's talk about what works for you and what I can offer.

Best December Ever: Free Coaching Offer!

(A slightly late repost from social media, but the offer is still in effect.)

I know that you have a lot of options in how you learn mindfulness practices. There are lots of online tools, meditation apps, and one million types of yoga classes. But I also know that having a personal relationship with your teacher or coach can make a big difference in how you learn and maintain these practices. That's one reason I started mindfulness coaching in the first place!

I believe that learning meditation and yoga from a qualified person should be accessible to everyone. It shouldn't break the bank and the price tag shouldn't be a reason that people don't learn things that can benefit their lives. That's why I always work on a sliding scale: accessibility. 

For the month of December, I am happy to put my money where my mouth is and I am taking on a limited number of free clients. That's right: any of my offerings, absolutely free. I am also opening up my pranayama and reiki session offerings as well. December can be a stressful month for many people over the holidays, but taking up a regular meditation or yoga practice can help get you through the stress and into a great start for the new year.

If you or someone you know is interested in mindfulness coaching, take a look around, and drop me a line. I'm so excited to share these practices with you!

Mindfulness + coaching = ?

When I say “mindfulness coaching” to people, sometimes their faces go blank.  “What does that mean? Why don’t you just call yourself a meditation or yoga teacher?"


For me, mindfulness coaching embraces so much. It can mean a lot of teaching in meditation and yoga techniques.  It can include a lot or a little accountability.  It can mean receiving a lot of help processing what mindfulness means for your life in particular.


I chose the word “coach” because I see my role as an overall support for your journey. Having someone around to check in on how you’re doing can make a big difference. In my experience, it has meant the difference between sticking with something and not.  If my teachers had not had expectations for my practice, I might not have kept it up.


This kind of support is important in a lot of ways. Sometimes meditation and yoga are practices that can bring up a lot of “stuff” for people.  I know that it has done that for me.  The deeper I have gone into practice, the more I find myself working through issues I’ve had, bad habits I’ve formed, past memories that keep cropping up, and so on. It’s hard work, but it’s incredibly beneficial.  Because it can be hard, it’s nice to have someone on your side, someone you can talk to or ask questions of.  

Mindfulness coaching can take about any form you like.  Some yoga teachers you encounter show up for their class, teach it, and leave, while some become very invested in their students. You can work with me and simply get meditation or yoga instruction, but you can also get a lot more. 

Whether you choose mindfulness coaching or not, I hope you will at least choose to try to sit in meditation and find what there is for you there.