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2019: the first and next six months

Hello and happy… 2019?

Almost six months in and I don’t know where the time has gone. In the past few months, I’ve seen fluctuations in almost every aspect of my life: finances, employment, health, time, etc. One thing I haven’t seen fluctuations in? Practice.

Okay. That’s not true either. Total transparency: I have a practice every day, but that practice may vary. Am I only doing seated meditation? Am I doing mantra? Walking? Some of all three? Fluctuations everywhere.

January through March felt like times of hibernation and attempts to heal. In January, I received good news from the doctor with all my restrictions cleared and a six month follow-up schedule planned out. But cancer wasn’t far away. At the end of February, a friend passed away from a cancer she’d been fighting for years. Barely a month later at the beginning of April, a dear, dear man also passed away from a cancer he was diagnosed with around the same time as I was. It has felt like my heart’s been breaking for awhile now. 

As life goes, nothing stays the same and it hasn’t all been sad. I took my Buddhist refuge vows in March, officially dedicating myself and my life to working toward compassion and the benefit of all beings. In April, I had the good fortune to attend a retreat with Yoga on High focused on talking about death.  Aside from the grief of those passing, I have had the grief of my own losses and cancer experiences. We probably all have losses of many kinds that we have grieved over, maybe never healed from. The retreat was an amazing weekend with a group of women that I will never forget. It brought much into focus for me, including future endeavors (a whole other blog by itself…). In May, I was treated to some good concerts and things that made me feel more like “me” again.

So what about the next six months?

I am so lucky to be partnering up with my dear friend at Pinned Acupuncture + Wellness to have a little space for individual meditation and reiki sessions. I can’t tell you how special this little nook in the world is and I hope you’ll come see. Walking meditation and Meditate614 classes are in season too! I’m still working on the Patreon and I’ve got a few other things up my sleeve and coming soon.

I’m finally planning out and gearing up to tackle my acupuncture board exams. I hope to have these completed in the fall so that I can start practicing and sharing this medicine that has helped me so much.

My first six month check is upon me and I know that can throw a wrench in all these plans. I’d love to tell you that my practice is keeping me from worry and it is, but I know that life has its ways. I’m happy to be moving in new directions and to see what comes next.

I have a lot more to say, but that’s for next time.

I hope you are taking good care.

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