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On Seasons and Sessions

I keep joking about this season being the "winter of our discontent." I know I have felt that for myself personally. To some extent, I have been hibernating, waiting for a season of new growth to come out of the dormancy. After the 30 Day Sit ran in January, I have mostly been quiet in the e/u realm. I haven't been seeing clients and have been working primarily to develop my own practice further. 

The good news is that winter is slowly coming to a close, despite the blizzard conditions some are facing this week and the cold that has come back to us here in Ohio. Spring is coming up fast. I am excited about the shift and what it will bring. To support this transition and to bring some of what I've been learning in my own practice into the world a little more, I'm excited to start teaching again. We're going to start monthly walking meditations beginning April 1st (check it out here). I'm also taking on clients again.

Taking on clients? What does that even mean? 

Well... I have opened up my calendar through the end of April (at least) for scheduling individual sessions. My intention is to do these virtually, but if you are local to the Columbus area, an in-person session is possible. My favorite part of the work that I do with e/u is talking to people about where they are and to help them start or expand their meditation practice. I like when we can get into where this practice becomes part of life and helps you where you're at.  But what does that really look like in an individual session? 

I think some people avoid these sorts of sessions because they aren't sure what they look like. Truth be told, they can look like a lot of things. It's really based on what you feel you need. It can be as simple as a chat about what your practice looks like (or doesn't) or it can be time spent in guided meditation together. We can discuss how meditation and mindfulness can benefit you personally or we can discuss the struggles you have with practice. These sessions are pretty open to what you want out of them. I've talked with people about anger issues and how to face them mindfully. There have been discussions of other methods of practice and how to incorporate them. Sometimes people take me up on the option of a guided practice and I love these times very much.

If what I'm talking about sounds intriguing, you can shoot me a message or go ahead and schedule. These sessions are all on a sliding scale and no one gets turned away for lack of funds. This is an important aspect to consider, as I know a lot of people think that these things are out of their price range. Not so, my friends, not so. 

As we start to move toward a new season, I hope you also feel for yourself something shifting in a positive way. And I hope to talk to you soon.