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Mindfulness + coaching = ?

When I say “mindfulness coaching” to people, sometimes their faces go blank.  “What does that mean? Why don’t you just call yourself a meditation or yoga teacher?"


For me, mindfulness coaching embraces so much. It can mean a lot of teaching in meditation and yoga techniques.  It can include a lot or a little accountability.  It can mean receiving a lot of help processing what mindfulness means for your life in particular.


I chose the word “coach” because I see my role as an overall support for your journey. Having someone around to check in on how you’re doing can make a big difference. In my experience, it has meant the difference between sticking with something and not.  If my teachers had not had expectations for my practice, I might not have kept it up.


This kind of support is important in a lot of ways. Sometimes meditation and yoga are practices that can bring up a lot of “stuff” for people.  I know that it has done that for me.  The deeper I have gone into practice, the more I find myself working through issues I’ve had, bad habits I’ve formed, past memories that keep cropping up, and so on. It’s hard work, but it’s incredibly beneficial.  Because it can be hard, it’s nice to have someone on your side, someone you can talk to or ask questions of.  

Mindfulness coaching can take about any form you like.  Some yoga teachers you encounter show up for their class, teach it, and leave, while some become very invested in their students. You can work with me and simply get meditation or yoga instruction, but you can also get a lot more. 

Whether you choose mindfulness coaching or not, I hope you will at least choose to try to sit in meditation and find what there is for you there.