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e/u Book Club

e/u Book Club

That's right. We've even got a book club!!

Our first book, Michael Stone's The Inner Tradition of Yogahas a special spot for me. The revised edition is being published at the time of Michael Stone's passing last year. Michael was a very important teacher for me and it seems like no better way to honor this revised publication and his teachings by spending a little time reading together.

To get started, buy/borrow the book, of course. We're going to read it in thirds: read through chapter 7 by August 11th, then through chapter 14 by August 25th, and finally through to the end by September 8th. You can read ahead of the deadlines, but just know we'll discuss those sections on those dates. You'll also get a couple of reminders starting August 1st to keep you on track. 

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