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What is mindfulness coaching?

Think of a running coach.  When you hire a personal running coach, they will help you assess where you are in your running.  They can help you identify goals you have and then help plan out a strategy to help meet those goals.  A running coach will check in with you on how your workouts are going, maybe your diet, and so on. 

A mindfulness coach is similar to what I just described, but with a different focus.  As a mindfulness coach, I focus on practices such as meditation, yoga, and pranayama to help you become more present, more aware, more you.  I use the phrase "you create your world" a lot because it's true.  Your thoughts and actions do create the world that you live in.  Becoming more mindful helps you to be more aware of your thoughts and actions, more able to create the world that you want to live in. 

Mindfulness practices aren't always easy and sometimes they can be difficult to start.  As a coach, I want to help you find the practices that work best for you and to support you in your desires to be more mindful and aware of yourself and the world.

Why meditate?

Science continues to make more discoveries about why meditation is so powerful.  Anecdotally, I can tell you that meditation has changed my life.  I am a calmer, more accepting person.  I feel less stress and anger.  I am more compassionate toward others.  That's just the beginning. Meditation brings you a direct a connection to your breath and your world. It doesn't take hours a day, just small amounts of time can have big impacts.

Why practice yoga?  

Yoga, like meditation, has shown to offer many benefits.  Not only are you moving your body, something so many of us lack in this couch-favoring, desk job world, but you are stretching, lengthening, making space in your body. So many of us go through the day without any awareness of how our actions and feelings impact our physical forms.  Yoga's many benefits include being more aware of your body as a whole from your mind and breath to the tips of your toes.

Why practice Ashtanga specifically? 

Many people will tell you what I am about to say: Ashtanga is a moving meditation.  This is true for many forms of yoga, but in Ashtanga and the way that I was taught, it is a personal practice that is led by your breath. I have always been taught mysore style, which means that you learn poses at your own speed with individual instruction.  The set series of poses allows you to focus on your breath and movement and not have to worry about "oh, what comes next?" I have personally found it gives me a much deeper connection to my body and mind.

What if I do not want to practice Ashtanga? Can I still use your services?

While most of my yoga knowledge is based on Ashtanga, I am happy to do a number of things to help you find the right yoga practice for you.  I know many teachers and classes that I can refer you to depending on your needs including therapeutic classes.  In the case of a referral to another teacher, I am happy to work with you in relation to accountability and support.

What if I don't live in the same place?

The beauty is that you don't have to! While I am based in Columbus, OH, I offer many options for those not close by: phone, Skype, or text/chat/etc. I have experienced teaching and coaching long distance myself and find these avenues can be just as effective as being face to face.  Additionally, if you do live in the area, these "virtual support" services can be a nice complement to in-person sessions.

Why do you say you specialize in beginners?

I have had the opportunity to fall away from practices as well as start and restart practices.  I think that the experience of injury and having to start from scratch a number of times has helped me build a stronger understanding of yoga beginners as well as yoga during injury.  I also believe that starting a practice can be the hardest part and feel that my skills are best used in support of individuals in this stage.

Are advanced practitioners also welcome to your services?

Absolutely! While I may refer you to more advanced teachers for different things you may be seeking, I am happy to stay on in a coaching and accountability role.

Can't someone just teach themselves yoga and meditation? 

Certainly.  For many years, I was without formal meditation teaching.  I have found that both in yoga and meditation, it has helped to have someone that is there along side you, not just to guide you but also to answer questions and to offer support.

Why do you keep talking about accountability?

When people say "accountability" sometimes the image is of someone you have to "report" to.  That sounds like a drag.  I imagine accountability as someone who checks in and helps support you on your path.  It can be as intense or as hands off as you like, though I may make suggestions based on what seems to be working best for you.  This is really about supporting you in your search for mindfulness and practices that help you better your life.

Where do I start?

Easy!  Start by checking out what I offer. Have questions? Too many choices?  Still not sure?  Just send me a message!  I am happy to talk with you.


Meditation is great! Yoga is great! Mindfulness is great! Let me help you experience your life more fully!