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**Please note: As of 10/18/18, I am primarily only doing meditation calls, which can be scheduled here. When this changes, I will update this page and social media. You can check the blog for more info. Please contact me with questions or other inquiries.

Mindfulness coaching here at e/u has a few different forms. At coaching sessions, we can dig into what mindfulness looks like in your life. Sessions usually include meditation and breath instruction in some form. I do also offer reiki and yoga.

The options listed are just an overview of what is available.  We can work together to create something that works for you. Pricing runs on a sliding scale with accessibility in mind, so please see this blog post and contact me for more details.


Mindfulness Sessions

  • Private meditation and breath sessions, available in person or virtually

  • Virtual support

  • Private yoga session

  • Private breath session


Other Offerings

  • Small group yoga and/or meditation

  • Private reiki session

  • Corporate yoga and meditation

  • Dharma talks for small groups